Summer Isn’t Over, Yet…

By Adam Booth

Labor Day has now come and gone and you may be feeling a bit nostalgic about your recent summer vacation and last visits to the shore. The idea of summer being over once Labor Day comes and leaves is natural for a few reasons.

First, for a large majority of the population, Labor Day occurs in conjunction with a return to school for most students and is considered the last day of a care free summer. Second, mere moments after the first Monday of September, displays at our local shops and markets shift to fall colors and Halloween apparel. Third, for sports fans in places like Philly, we use it as a guide for when the Eagles season begins. But these signs and more are taking us away from these lovely final weeks which we should savor.

We all know how harsh these winters are, no need to rush into that. To help you to maximize your summer and take full advantage of the great weather during the rest of this great season, Leadership Solutions has a few suggestions for you:

1. Take one more day trip with the family. Make it educational if that helps to get the students back in the learning mood.
2. Head out to the ballpark and catch one of the last day games of the season.
3. Spend some time in a local forest, garden or farmers market. Heck just hang around outside the house for a few hours.

Whatever your pleasure, don’t allow the yellow school buses or renditions of “The Monster Mash” to take you away from the last golden weeks of summer. We all know how we feel when we see the sun starts to set at 4pm.

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