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Executive Coaching

Leaders at every level are faced with handling the challenges associated with leading in a rapidly changing environment. At the same time, they must focus on their own development in order to remain effective. Executive coaching is an effective way for leaders to identify and refine the skills critical for their continued success.

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Leadership Development

Is your leadership team prepared to take on key business challenges they face? Organizations need to identify leadership development needs, create action plans, and measure individual progress in the same way they manage other critical profit drivers for the business.

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Talent Assessment

How will you identify and select future leaders? Strategic success is, in large measure, a function of having strong leadership. You need individuals who have the background, skills and motivation to drive business results while gaining the support and commitment of those around them.

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Team Building

With the pace of work at an all-time high, leaders often overlook the importance of ensuring that their teams are galvanized and focused around a collective mission. The composition of groups and teams can shift rapidly creating the need to fortify relationships and revisit priorities on a regular basis.

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Leadership Strategies

Sometimes clients simply need an external perspective regarding unique leadership challenges they are facing in their organization. We provide general consulting on a wide range of leadership related topics including such things as growing a leadership pipeline, handling conflicts between leaders, and helping leadership teams through difficult transitions.

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Succession Planning

If a key contributor leaves tomorrow, do you know who would be the best replacement? Organizations that wish to remain competitive must meet the strategic and operational challenges associated with having the right leaders, in the right places, at the right times, and doing the right things.

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Leadership Solutions, Inc.

The difference is in the details.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Solutions' coaching philosophy is not only about producing positive behavioral change, but also about addressing the real business challenges that leaders face. We apply our business acumen to support leaders who want to achieve outstanding results through relevant, contextual, and practical techniques.


Identifying superior talent requires more than just intuition. Leadership Solutions offers a mastery of scientifically-validated tools and techniques to predict leadership potential and cultural fit. We also have depth of experience assessing candidates across key industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, and non-profits – each of which has a unique set of leadership demands.

Team Building

Many team building sessions are interesting, but inevitably, the results quickly dissipate. What makes our team building experiences powerful and lasting is that we take the time to understand the organization's culture and dynamics before the session takes place. By engaging clients with interviews, surveys, and other forms of data gathering in advance, we have already built mutual familiarity and trust before the session has begun.


Leadership Solutions strives to create training and development sessions that directly address our clients' needs. We offer programming that is tailored to the preferences of the audience, and not simply taken "off the rack". Give us 20 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 days, and we can make an impact.