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Outsmart Your Leadership Genes

Practical Prescriptions for Today’s Leaders

By Renee B. Booth and Michele Porterfield

Becoming a more effective leader is a lifelong journey. We read books, attend courses, get advice from mentors, and learn from experience by doing what feels right in the moment. While each of these strategies is helpful, they don’t always take into account the simple truth that changing ourselves in fundamental ways is usually unrealistic and impractical.

In the same way that we often have genetic predispositions to certain diseases, you as a leader are probably predisposed to certain personality and character traits. Unfortunately, these predispositions may at times interfere with your ability to be truly effective. Despite this reality, you can make changes in your work environment to override your predispositions and enhance your leadership effectiveness and impact. Just as you can incorporate new eating habits and exercise routines to help minimize your chances of getting a certain disease, you can incorporate changes in your work environment to help you be more impactful.

This book provides you with practical and pragmatic techniques and strategies for change, most of which can be implemented immediately and require little or no organizational resources—and most importantly, no major (and almost impossible) personality transformation. We know from experience that making even the slightest environmental change can have a major positive impact, create a more motivational climate, and help you to be viewed as the leader you want to be.

If you are an aspiring leader, a mid-level manager, or a seasoned executive looking for a fresh perspective on things and a simple yet powerful set of tools to enhance your leadership effectiveness, it’s time to get started and outsmart your leadership genes.

about the authors

Dr. Renee Bellamy Booth is the founder and president of Leadership Solutions, Inc., a leadership development firm based in Philadelphia since 1999. Prior to founding the firm, she held numerous senior human resource leadership roles in both corporate settings and large international consulting environments. She is an expert in the area of leadership development, having worked with senior level leaders in both small organizations and Fortune 500 corporations, with a specific focus on executive coaching, teambuilding, and leadership assessment. Renee holds her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Maryland, and her masters and Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Penn State University.

Michele A. Porterfield is a senior consultant with Leadership Solutions, Inc., a leadership development firm based in Philadelphia. Prior to joining the firm when it was founded in 1999, Michele was a consultant with a large international human resources consulting firm in Philadelphia for nine years. Her consulting work specializes in leadership assessment and development as well as executive coaching. She has worked with numerous organizations both large and small, with a particular aim to help individual leaders reach their full potential. Michele has her undergraduate degree from Villanova University and her masters In Organization Development from The American University.

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