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The New Industrial Revolution

By Adam Booth One of the consequences of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns was the explosion of the population who worked remotely from home. Another was the strain on the individuals deemed “essential” to how we function as a society. From medical professionals to the service industry, since March of 2020, we have worn thin…
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The Evolution of the Employee Experience

By Adam Booth Over the past few months, our newsletter has been focused on covering the many aspects of returning to “normal” and what it will mean for your company moving forward. This month, we wanted to cover something that will undoubtedly be different from February 2020, the employee work experience. As devastating to many…
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The 4 Things to Think About Before Your Employees Return

By Adam Booth It's been a long year. One would like to hope that as a leader you'll never have to deal with anything as difficult as this pandemic. By no means are we done with this health crisis.  However, strides are being made so we can now practically look at bringing people back into…
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Work/Life Balance: Children’s Edition

At the start of the pandemic, the majority of parents found themselves navigating through uncharted waters. With schools, sports, camps, etc., closed for the foreseeable future, many parents found themselves much more involved in their children's day to day care.  Never had their work life balance been more tested then when those two collided so…
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