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The New Industrial Revolution

By Adam Booth One of the consequences of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns was the explosion of the population who worked remotely from home. Another was the strain on the individuals deemed “essential” to how we function as a society. From medical professionals to the service industry, since March of 2020, we have worn thin…
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Who’s Next?

Recently, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of our former interns as they begin to wrap up their college careers. We asked them to provide their perspective on leadership, what the next generation is expecting out of organizational leaders as well as what opportunities and exposures will be instrumental in developing emerging leaders.…
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Generation Z: Millennials 2.0?

Believe it or not, the average Millennial is closing in on becoming 40-years-old. Once the generation in the wings waiting to change the world, they are now finding themselves in the driver’s seat, with an upcoming younger generation eagerly arriving in the workforce. They are Generation Z. Designated as anyone born after 1995, Generation Z,…
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