Ethics in Leadership: The FIFA Scandal

by Adam Booth

At 2:15 am, I received an alert on my phone from my ESPN application. My Samsung only shows the first few lines of the text, which read along the lines of "Soccer - Top FIFA Officials in Zurich have been..." then it cuts off.

FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association or in English, The International Federation for Associated Football. They are the governing body for which all soccer is run on the planet. Unlike the NFL or NBA which are just for the domestic leagues of America, FIFA overseas every league in every country.

FIFA is in the process of getting ready for its most recent election of its president. A real nasty character named Sepp Blatter is in position to retain his seat as president. So with that in mind, I just assumed that what the alert was related to. However on a whim I opened the text and saw the following (The WSJ describes it best):

Another example of absolute power allowed to run crazy for too long. But aren't we the consumer also to blame for allowing this to happen for so long. Just like the recent issues with the NFL, do we really care when it comes to this kind of activity, as long as we get the end product of the game?

Just some food for thought.

See you in 2018, Russia

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