Been Blogging All Along

When I founded Leadership Solutions in 1999, I was certain that by 2013… OK, well maybe I didn’t have a crystal ball, but this much I knew: I was ready for a new challenge.

Having been a partner at a major consulting firm and a senior executive in the banking industry, I understood that leading others was an amazing experience, and that the limits to how I could lead were mostly self-imposed. Early on in my career, I had a great boss and mentor who encouraged me to channel all of my interests and abilities into my leadership. And if reading about fashion kept me inspired, he’d toss the Newsweek aside and buy me a Vogue when we were waiting to catch a flight. By the time I was ready to hang my own shingle, I knew that sharing my distinct voice and perspective would differentiate the work. Today, I am a coach, a businessperson, and a theorist… and I am also a fashion-lover, a foodie, and a Francophile.

Thus, my goal in establishing Leadership Solutions was simple; I wanted to help my clients become authentic leaders instead of some caricature of what a leader ought to be. I have tried to create a safe place for my clients to talk about real issues – the kind that they may have previously been too uncomfortable to address. Over the past 14 years, the relationships that I have developed with my clients have been incredibly rewarding, and the experiences we share renew and inform my practice on a regular basis. Each day is a surprise mostly because leadership can emerge from the most surprising places.

Recently, it occurred to me that starting a blog would be a natural extension of what I already do. This blog can be a place where I apply observations from all corners of life to wrestle with leadership challenges. This blog can be a place where I “try on” new ideas. This blog can be a place where I connect with peers, clients, and friends in a real way that transcends organizational boundaries. This blog can be a place where I introduce you to my colleagues who each have their own brilliant points of view. With your help, I hope to create conversations about topics that are profound, sometimes offbeat, honest, but never cut and dry.


Here are kinds of things you can expect to find:

• Candid and practical advice for leaders across industries and levels of the organization
• Reactions to current events through the lens of leadership
• Observations from the field about emerging trends and themes
• Debate-worthy questions and assertions
• Reviews of topical subject matter, such as literature, TV, and film (we’ll work our Mad Men commentary in here)

That should be enough to get us started. Please check in and chime in regularly!


- Renee -

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