4 Ways to Declutter Your Work Life

By Adam Booth

As we do our own personal spring cleaning, the use of technology can be critical to helping declutter our minds, organize our lives and ensure that we are ready to hit the next quarter with clear goals and less distractions. Everything from the usage of our smart phones to access email and remind us of meetings and upcoming events, to our personal home assistants (Alexa and Google Home), to update us on the current weather or warn us of traffic delays, it all helps us to organize our lives and operate from a place of maximum efficiency.

Technology and the business world have always aimed to walk hand in hand, with the business world strolling at a slightly slower pace. Adoption of new devices and software tends to make people weary who are accustomed to getting results by using previously established methods. For example, your office may not upgrade to the next version of windows, because a previous update did not operate efficently. The apprehension is understandable, yet, the fact is that people willing to take the risk and embrace change and new technology tend to be the ones ahead of the game.

There are a lot of devices and programs out there that are meant to make our lives much more efficient. However not every product is right for everyone, so it may be easier to focus on the need you are aiming to address. Below are 4 suggestions that we at LSI have found helpful.

1. E-mail Optimization: More than just a spam box, find an email provider that can organize your emails to only leave the truly important messages. Microsoft Outlook’s Clutter program has been consistent in this kind of a service and comes highly recommended.

2. Personal Artificial Intelligence. Having an AI device can give you a jumpstart on the day and allow your home to be the way you like it once you return. From giving the weather or the stocks of the day, to setting the heat and lights the way you like it. “Home AI” devices (i.e, Amazon Alexa and Google Home), can remove task from your mental to do list thereby creating space to focus on more complex business and personal life objectives.

3. Update Your Systems: Hate seeing those annoying updates pop up at the worst time? Updating your systems will not only cut down on that occurrence but will also keep your devices running optimally. Having you phone, PC and tablet all up to date can make overall usage of the device as well as transferring data, much easier. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a computer to update when you need it the most. When your system prompts you to update, it is best to do so in the moment.

4. Headphones, Good Ones: Seems simple, however, having good, comfortable head phones can go a long way. From phone conversations coming in clearer to increasing privacy and removing external distractions, having a solid reliable pair of headphones (preferably Bluetooth), can make a significant impact by increasing your ability to focus on the task at hand.

Staying up to date with technology is essential to decluttering your life and allowing you and your business to operate at optimal efficiency.

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