4 Things To Jump Start Your Staff

It’s late May and starting to feel like summer. The kids will be out of school soon and a new energy can be felt all around… except in your office.

You can feel it when you walk around the office late in the afternoon. No one is talking. You might be able to hear the yawn over the symphony of keyboards clicking away, a bubble popping inside the water cooler, or someone using their stapler. Your staff needs a break. Not a coffee one. A break that can put a jolt into them and get the blood flowing back into the company. Here are four things that you as a leader can do, to jumpstart the office.


1. Schedule a Company Retreat

Many hear the word retreat and assume it’s a large cabin in the woods full of team building exercises. It can be, but doesn’t have to. It can be as simple as putting together a dinner or happy hour after work. Or you can take everyone away for a few days to relax and re-engage with each other outside of the office. Whatever you choose to do, getting the team out of the office can go a long way in helping to get the energy back into the room.

2. Bring in a Guest Speaker

A tactic used by educational facilities worldwide, bringing in a guest speaker to help focus your group is a valuable tool. From the inspirational, to the motivating, to the thought provoking, a guest speaker could be just the energy your group was looking for. Bring them in when there is a dip in the action and allow your group to soak up as much as they can.

3. Encourage your staff to participate in Charity Work

Encourage your staff to take the day off and engage in a charitable endeavor. What can be done with this varies, but in the end can be great for the team. Common practices include a Walk/Run event or cleaning up an area of a park or highway. Others include Habitat for Humanity, providing food for the homeless, or officiating local children sporting events.  Any of these activities can help your staff to remember how good it feels to serve others.

4. Rework the office

Maybe it is finally time to make those changes to the office break room. The days of just having two tables a vending machine and a coffee maker are over. You don’t need to recreate the google offices, just spruce things up a bit. Make it a space that someone wouldn’t even mind using to get work done in. Studies have shown we need to do more for our work/life balance. Adding a bit of the life portion into the office may help.


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