7 Items to Liven Up Your Office

By Renee Booth

This month we are discussing ways to make your workspace an ideal environment that is both productive and enjoyable.. While activities like planning out your lunches or finding more time to stretch can go a long way into creating the space and experience you desire, it is sometime the physical and more practical things that deserve a good amount of our attention. Last year we talked about my favorite items in technology. Similar to that idea, below are 7 items that I recommend cultivating the best working environment.

1. Inspirational Art

This isn’t talking about those motivational pictures spelling out a word of encouragement with a photo of someone stoically kayaking. Real art moves you. It is something that you see daily that stirs a positive emotion in you. It doesn’t matter if it is own your wall, desk, or even the background to your laptop. Having that artwork visible to you will often help your mood

2. Personal Espresso/Coffee Maker

This goes without saying. There may be one in the breakroom already, but if you can have your own personal set up it’s a win-win. Personalized coffee that you enjoy, gives you a break without the possible distractions of other co-workers and having to leave your space.

3. Desk and/or Floor Lamps

The lighting in your office may be good enough for you to see, but how are those florescent lights making you feel. Sometimes being able to turn off the overheads and have the lighting closer to our personal preferences can be more relaxing as well. While we all may not be able to fit a full floor lamp in our spaces, finding a quality desk lamp will suffice.

4. Change of Clothes

Did you sweat through that undershirt on your summer lunch break? Did you forget your sweater and now are freezing in the office? No gym clothes for after work? Having a change or even just extra clothing at the office can help make the experience much more enjoyable.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Blocking out noise to focus on the task at hand is a no brainer. Just remember that you will have people startle you while trying to get your attention. Even so, if you know you need a decent amount of time and no distractions, headphones can give off the impression that you are not to be bothered now.

6. Healthy Snack

You may be tempted to place a jar of M&Ms on your desk for not just you, but for visitors who may come by. Resist that. Healthy snacks at your desk can give you energy and can keep you focused when working longer hours. A bag of chips may taste good, but it can also slow you down and make you lethargic. Keep your snacks light and possibly green if you can help it.

7. Amazon Alexa

A calendar, calculator, encyclopedia and entertainment device all in one. It may be the most awkward and valuable item we put on this list. Alexa can do it all. It can be your best friend, though I would suggest not only having an office, but one with a closable door.


These are just a few items that can help make your working environment a bit more enjoyable and productive. The way we work evolves all the time. The spaces for which we work in should reflect that.

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