Organizational Transition

As the environment around her changed, the Dean of a prominent private university sought consulting support from Leadership Solutions to think through how her organization needed to adapt. The university was expanding its student population, research portfolio, and geographical reach, and it became apparent that, to enhance operational agility, it was time to centralize business units that had historically been separate. Our goal was to unite two departments in order to more fully utilize their collective knowledge and streamline the way work got done, but we knew it was critical that the leadership team share a sense of ownership for any changes. We helped the leadership team craft a vision of the centralized function, and created ways for them to communicate with the staff about what to expect and why. We also offered opportunities for the staff to provide feedback to leadership, and participate actively in shaping the work flows, culture, and processes adopted by the new department. The change was implemented successfully over the course of months, and the leadership team came together in a way that built a level of trust that created a strong foundation for handling the next wave of change.

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