Renee’s Favorite Things: At Home, Fall & Winter Edition

It is time again for the list of things I cannot do without. This time my favorite things are focused on those that will help us during the fall and winter months while we are working from home. We started working from home in the spring when there was plenty of light in the morning and in the evening. However, with winter quickly approaching we are going to have to adjust ourselves accordingly. This list is intended to help us get the light and the technological efficiencies we need to make getting through the fall and winter months much more enjoyable.

1. Ring Light:

With virtually everyone on Zoom for the past few months, we have seen every type of camera lighting set up out there. After this virtual proving ground, the standard ring light has shown itself to be the obvious choice in the matter. With the months getting darker and the days cloudier, I appreciate how the ring light can brighten up faces and keep an even looking tone with less shadows. It is extremely helpful in lighting different types of skin tones that were previously difficult to capture via webcam.

2. Sunlight Lamps:

A sunlight lamp mimics natural sunshine which is helpful on multiple fronts during the harsh winter months. It can help you regulate sleep patterns, so you can make that 7am Zoom call with the team in London, even though its pitch-black outside. Sunlight lamps can also help feed our serotonin levels which helps fight depression and anxiety. Exposure to sunlight is critical to our happiness. That makes this a device for your working self, as well as your life.

3. “Calm” App:

The main function of what the “Calm” app does is in its name, it relaxes you. “Calm” finds out what you need (better sleep, reduced anxiety, self-esteem) and curates your experience to maximize the desired effect. There are stories to help you with sleeping issues, and the “meditation” functions can help you find a center in what seems like a sea of chaos. There is a free version as well as paid version and given all the different aspects that can be utilized, I feel it is worth it to invest in the paid version. “Calm” will help you find a mental oasis, which is needed now more than ever.

4. Microphone:

I am partial to the “Blue Yeti” microphone myself. I have been using it since the earlier days of the pandemic, and it has been as reliable as anything I have had. It is easy to set up and works wherever there is a USB port. The sound quality is professional level and can make a difference during a call with a less than stellar connection.

5. Wi-Fi Mesh:

You, like me, may have noticed that the Wi-Fi in your home is stronger in some sections than in others. How do you solve this? Wi-Fi mesh systems are a series of devices that act as miniature routers. They collect the signal from the main tower then amplify it so you have crisp levels no matter where you are in the house. This will keep you, and whomever else is reliant on devices in the home, very happy.


These are just some of the few things I have used to make working remotely as smooth as possible. Would love to hear about any devices that you are using to keep you up to speed during the upcoming seasonal changes.

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