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7 Items to Liven Up Your Office

By Renee Booth This month we are discussing ways to make your workspace an ideal environment that is both productive and enjoyable.. While activities like planning out your lunches or finding more time to stretch can go a long way into creating the space and experience you desire, it is sometime the physical and more…
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4 Ways To Survive Embarassmemt

By Adam Booth When I am not combing the internet for the best and latest in leadership advice, you may see me down in Chester, PA leading chants in support of the Philadelphia Union, our local soccer team in the area. For 3 years now I have stood in front of thousands of fans to…
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Stick with What You Know is Right

By Michele Porterfield She asked to meet with me for just a few minutes right then and there. While my day was already packed and I did not know her particularly well, I knew enough at 25 to make myself available to a Senior Partner with the firm. She proceeded to tell me that a…
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4 New Ways to Look at Succession Planning

Last summer, Showtime debuted a new series with a pretty impressive cast. The show was appropriately named “Succession”, a show about a family in the media business with an aging patriarch who started the company. He is deciding if the person he originally tapped to be head of the company, his eldest son, can handle…
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