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Leading Peers Without Formal Authority

by Aaron Weiss One part ally, one part friend, one part rival, and another part sibling. Leading peers without formal authority is a crucible experience. If you can lead your peers, you can lead just about anyone. Have you ever tried to plan a group dinner? Then, you know just how difficult leading without formal…
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Innovations of the Baby Boomers

Over the course of a lunch meeting and a few emails, the staff at LSI came up with a list of inventions and innovations that were signatures of the time period. Here is the final list: (In no particular order) Women in Leadership After battling hard for their own equality just decades earlier, the baby…
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7 Keys to Great Executive Manners

By Michele Porterfield Most everyone learned appropriate manners as a child, with a long list of “dos and don’ts” repeated over and over until they became a habit and a way of living. “Say please and thank you, look people in the eye when you shake their hand, and wait until everyone is seated before…
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The Reasons For, Symptoms of, and Treating Your Executives’ Depression

By Lekesha Campbell, Psy.D. When confronted with the possibility that your executive is experiencing depression, here are a few points that might be worth touching on. Some research suggests that the rate of depression in CEOs is double the national average, which is 6.7%. CEOs are prone to depression for a few reasons: 1. The…
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