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Why Didn’t You Get That Promotion

By Michele Porterfield, Many people would like to think that there is some objective, data driven formula for determining who gets promoted and who doesn’t…that the process and decisions are easy to decipher and scientific by nature. Let’s be real and admit that this is simply not the case. This is not to suggest that organizations make…
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5 Devices & 6 Apps I Can’t Live Without

By Renee Booth   In the spirit of taking care of business and having fun, I wanted to share my thoughts on the types of devices and apps that can make work and business travel much more appealing.  While these devices and apps can become distractions, with the proper discipline they can actually help to…
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Millennials vs Gen Z

by Adam Booth I'd like to introduce you to Generation Z. No, they are not waiting in the wings in your local middle schools. They are graduating college as we speak and about to hit the workforce in a way that hasn't been seen since, well, 2010. On the surface these two generations look like…
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5 Steps to Get Your Staff Ready for Your Retirement

By Bridget Gammage HOW TO GET YOUR STAFF READY FOR YOUR DEPARTURE For most, the thought of retirement conjures feelings of great joy.  Imagine the freedom of not working; avoiding those annoying rush hour traffic jams, basking in the sun at luxurious waterfront resorts, or simply having the time to check-off some things on your…
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