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4 Ways to Declutter Your Work Life

By Adam Booth As we do our own personal spring cleaning, the use of technology can be critical to helping declutter our minds, organize our lives and ensure that we are ready to hit the next quarter with clear goals and less distractions. Everything from the usage of our smart phones to access email and…
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Leadership Wins Championships

Aaron Weiss As a passionate Eagles fan, Sunday’s Super Bowl victory was as incredible as it was improbable. The Eagles beat the reigning champs (and the odds) to bring home Philadelphia’s first Lombardi Trophy, pure magic When I’m not watching football, I spend my time engineering leadership in corporate settings, and this epic season has…
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Why Didn’t You Get That Promotion

By Michele Porterfield, Many people would like to think that there is some objective, data driven formula for determining who gets promoted and who doesn’t…that the process and decisions are easy to decipher and scientific by nature. Let’s be real and admit that this is simply not the case. This is not to suggest that organizations make…
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5 Devices & 6 Apps I Can’t Live Without

By Renee Booth   In the spirit of taking care of business and having fun, I wanted to share my thoughts on the types of devices and apps that can make work and business travel much more appealing.  While these devices and apps can become distractions, with the proper discipline they can actually help to…
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