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Striving and Arriving

Make yourself at home… You’ve arrived! Many of the senior leaders that I’ve coached have achieved success well beyond what most professionals could ever reasonably expect. These executives surpassed their former peers and classmates, not to mention their friends and family. Yet all too many remain fixated on the next job or a bigger role.…
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Been Blogging All Along

When I founded Leadership Solutions in 1999, I was certain that by 2013… OK, well maybe I didn’t have a crystal ball, but this much I knew: I was ready for a new challenge. Having been a partner at a major consulting firm and a senior executive in the banking industry, I understood that leading…
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I Did It My Way

Pope Benedict’s decision to resign earlier this year was shocking, especially given that it’s been 598 years since the last papal resignation. But those few other popes who resigned mostly did so amid scandal and crisis. It’s not terribly surprising when a failed leader vacates their job due to internal or public disapproval.  But in…
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