Monthly Archives: February 2015

Team Building

A small private school for children with special needs brought Leadership Solutions in to identify key issues impeding the Board's overall effectiveness, and support development of a plan forward.  We began by interviewing Board members to better understand their personal experience on the Board, and followed up by facilitating discussions and conducting teambuilding exercises to address the issues that emerged.  Additionally, we assisted the Board in revisiting its structure and composition, and identified key actions to ensure the Board remained on target for the current year's goals and objectives.  Overall, the retreat was a celebrated success, allowing the Board to regroup and refocus their time and efforts in a direction that would help ensure longer term success for the school they so passionately supported.

Culture Change

A world leading higher educational institution retained Leadership Solutions to help its leadership team develop stronger business acumen and create a culture that was more mission focused and results driven.  The engagement involved establishing new norms and values regarding how success would be defined, as well as team building over an extended period of time to create the new desired culture. The result was a business savvy leadership team ready to face both the mission and financial challenges of the new millennium.

Succession Planning

In a global pharmaceutical company, Leadership Solutions provided the infrastructure to help determine who should be the next leader of the US sales force. We helped the organization to develop the appropriate competencies required for success, and the tools to measure capabilities and differentiate between candidates. Once the final candidates were identified, we worked closely with the CEO to facilitate the decision making process and help the company make one of its most impactful decisions.

Organizational Transition

As the environment around her changed, the Dean of a prominent private university sought consulting support from Leadership Solutions to think through how her organization needed to adapt. The university was expanding its student population, research portfolio, and geographical reach, and it became apparent that, to enhance operational agility, it was time to centralize business…
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